Building higher and reducing material use in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s fastest-growing cities. To make rising urbanization rates work for people and the planet, we need to build our cities of the future in a more sustainable way. 

The Cosmopolitan Skyline tower illustrates how we can build better with less. The Tijuana high-rise was built with DYNAMax, Holcim’s ultimate performance concrete, which uses smart design to unlock more usable space.

Built with DYNAMax, unlocking more usable space

Deploying smart design to build higher and reduce the impact on the environment

DYNAMax ensures extremely strong surfaces and reduces the maintenance costs of the concrete

The challenge 


Tijuana’s population is expected to see a 60% increase by 2030. As a result, demand for vertical housing is on the rise - something that directly impacts city planning. When space becomes scarcer, the solution is often to build more vertically and less horizontally.

To add to this challenge, developers such as Cosmopolitan Group need to meet this demand for taller buildings while at the same time lowering their projects’ environmental footprint.

The Result


Where space is scarce, the best way to optimize it is to build vertically. Strategic planning, combined with DYNAMax’s excellent performance capabilities enabled vertical pouring and pumping without setbacks. 

The construction covered 25,770 m2, spread over 25 floors and 2 basement levels. A total of 1,420 m3 of DYNAMax was used for the foundations, walls and columns. The waterproofing mix, which is normally an important component of the concrete, was not needed because of the durability and high performance of DYNAMax. This resulted in savings per cubic meter of around 3-5% for Cosmopolitan Group. 

Upon completion in 2024, the Cosmopolitan Skyline Tower will boast two hotels with a total of 200 rooms and the Skyline Residences, featuring 41 condominiums. 

By enabling smart design for minimum material use and maximum strength, Holcim is empowering our customers to build the cities of tomorrow in a way that is better for people and the planet.

Our intention was to bring dynamism to the structure by seamlessly integrating it with its surroundings through the strategic use of a stepped volumetric design, and DYNAMax was essential in addressing this challenge.

Francisco Zamora| Civil Engineer of Construction Manager at Cosmopolitan Group

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