Advanced green building solutions for commercial applications

To be profitable, commercial buildings must be designed to facilitate fast construction and meet all investor and developer requirements.

With a broad portfolio of cement, aggregates and concrete, Holcim provides solutions and services to boost efficiency. Our goal is to help you build better with less and get the most out of your commercial project.

Solutions to every commercial building challenge

Space optimization

Holcim’s strong project management and design support from the earliest stages of project planning help you maximize space within your commercial establishment and ensure long-term profitability.

Construction speed

We support and advise you on the most appropriate solutions to ensure fast and efficient construction. Our goal is to help make your commercial space available as quickly as possible, so you can maximize return on investment.


Aesthetics are a crucial component to rent or sell your commercial building and get the most out of your investment. Our building materials and solutions enable an attractive design that is equally functional, durable and resilient.


Our products provide outstanding durability, ensuring that your building stands the test of time, and that minimal repairs and maintenance are required to keep it running at full capacity.


Our wide range of green cement and green concrete products help you obtain internationally recognized green building certifications to minimize your building’s footprint and attract clientele.

Energy efficiency

We offer a wide range of thermal insulation solutions adapted for commercial buildings to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.

The 166,000m² Part-Dieu mall, France’s largest downtown shopping center, underwent a rejuvenation and extension using the Ductal high-performance envelope system. Nearly 2,000 Ductal panels revitalized the façade into an open structure that interacts with its surroundings.

Our commercial building solutions

Offices: green building and quick jobsites to optimize profitability

Building offices requires fast construction while maximizing usable space and ensuring high environmental performance. Our precast concrete solutions:

  • reduce onsite construction work and optimize manpower
  • make optimal use of raw materials, minimize waste and consume less energy
  • increase overall construction quality

Explore our precast offer

Retail: ensuring business success with ready-mix concrete

To enhance profitability, retail spaces need to be quickly constructed to withstand heavy use. Holcim’s ready-mix concrete solutions guarantee incredible durability and aesthetics:

  • Horizontal pouring for faster assembly
  • Fast-setting and precast configurations
  • High mechanical strength
  • Thermal efficient and decorative options

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Public buildings: energy-efficient, safe, resilient and beautiful

Public buildings such as schools, libraries and city halls need to meet high standards of safety, durability, environmental management and aesthetics. Our thermal performance concretes:

  • improve insulation and efficiency
  • provide insulating walls, floors and roofs
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • maximize green building ratings

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