Precast and prefabricated solutions

solutions to address every construction challenge

Holcim offers decades of experience in designing, producing and engineering innovative precast concrete and prefabricated elements. Our solutions are suitable for all construction applications, including residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Efficient onsite assembly

Our precast and prefabricated offer ranges from traditional to innovative solutions, all of which greatly improve the efficiency of concrete projects.

Precast concrete is produced in a controlled factory environment. This enables more precise production and curing. It is then transported to the construction site, where it is lifted into place. Projects using precast typically finish faster, since work time onsite is reduced and fewer vehicles are needed to transport construction material.

Standard and engineered products – and everything in between

Holcim offers a broad range of standard and engineered prefabricated and precast products and solutions. Our standard offer includes concrete paving for landscaping, concrete masonry blocks for buildings and concrete pipes and culverts for water management. We also manufacture engineered architectural and structural elements such as columns and wall panels for buildings, tunnel liners, rail products and bridge solutions for infrastructure.

One of Holcim’s latest solutions is precast carbon prestressed concrete (CPC) slabs. CPC is fully recyclable and reduces material use by up to 80%. It reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% and weighs significantly less than timber.

Precast and prefabricated solutions for all building applications

Explore the numerous benefits precast concrete has to offer:

  • Safety
    Prefabrication is done in a controlled environment with safety provisions throughout the entire production process. This requires fewer laborers, reducing traffic on surrounding roads and on the site
  • Efficiency
    Precast solutions enable faster building, ensuring construction projects are completed on time
  • Sustainability
    Precast makes optimal use of raw materials, minimizes waste and consumes less energy. It enables new material combinations, offering efficient solutions using fewer materials
  • Quality
    Rigorous quality control increases overall construction quality and contributes to lifespan and durability
  • Labor
    Precast makes the best use of the available skilled labor and simplifies onsite skillset requirements
  • Technology
    Precast is well-suited for digital building models that integrate all elements before any work begins on site and for use of digital production solutions such as automation

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