Airium: cool homes to cool the planet

Heating and cooling buildings accounts for approximately one-third of global energy consumption and close to 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To fight global warming, it is critical to improve building insulation. Airium™ is a true revolution as this fully recyclable mineral foam can build and insulate at the same time.

Enter Airium™, an innovative mineral foam solution that offers top-tier insulating performance. Airium™ is applied as a semi-liquid foam which can then reach into any shape or corner, where it then hardens to create a powerful, light, long-lasting and fully recyclable insulating solution. It is also fully fire-resistant, and unfavorable to insects or rodents.

It is mold-resistant and emits no volatile organic compounds, thus promoting higher air quality than traditional insulating materials. Today Airium™ is proving itself in some of the most challenging climatic conditions and markets, from ravaging Austrian winters to the baking heat of an Algerian summer. As of October 2020, Polish customers can also feel the benefits of Airium™, as the range of solutions becomes available there.

With a lower CO2 footprint over its lifecycle compared to other insulation methods, homeowners can be satisfied that they are giving their families a comfortable home at the same time that they are protecting the planet.

“Airium™ is easy to use, very effective and has a long lifespan. I’m convinced that fossil-fuel based insulation belongs to the past. It is up to us to transform our homes and our cities with safer and sustainable solutions. In this journey, insulation is key -- and Airium™ goes in the right direction.” Michèle Bӓr, Architect, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)