Technology to build better roads

Through LH Engineering, our Poland division contributed to both design and implementation of the A2 highway project, acting as subcontractor to build concrete pavement and to set up new mobile plants. This business unit is our response to the changing infrastructure landscape in Poland.


LH Engineering, our newest business unit in Poland, combines design and implementation of infrastructure projects with a comprehensive knowledge of building materials and technologies. It partners with customers from the project contracting phase and helps them solve new challenges in infrastructure projects.

The roller compacted concrete technology

For instance, LH Engineering is an expert ROLLTEC™ technology operator, a solution for road surfaces based on rolled concrete. In Poland, concrete mixing plants are easy to place near the construction site, which facilitates the use of Roller Compacted Concrete technology. The life cycle of Roller Compacted Concrete is between 30 and 50 years. This technology combines road pavement durability with low costs and easy construction. Moreover, it ensures higher road safety, contributing to 30 fewer road accidents when compared to standard asphalt roads.

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Focus on sustainability
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