Breaking new ground in sustainable construction

Holcim Germany supplies carbon-neutral concrete to support an expanding nature conservation center in Bingen. As the market leader in sustainable construction, Holcim Germany was the natural partner to support the expansion of a nature conservation center in southwestern Germany. Holcim Germany is one of our leading markets in this effort, with more than 90 of the concrete made with CO2-reduced cement.


EcoPactZero, a natural choice for CO2-reduced cement in Germany

The non-governmental organization "Naturschutzbund Deutschland" (NABU), which supports the conservation of the Rheinauen chain of nature reserves, was planning to add two buildings to its nature conservation center in Bingen. This was a perfect opening for Holcim Germany to showcase its latest sustainable offering, the carbon-neutral concrete Holcim EcoPact Zero. Introduced to the market at the end of 2019, EcoPact Zero was laid for the first time in April 2020 to create the floor slabs of two buildings dedicated to conservation public education.

"More than 90 of our concretes are already made with CO2-reduced cement, so our carbon-neutral concrete, Holcim EcoPact Zero, is a natural next step," says Thorsten Hahn, CEO of Holcim Germany. "And it is only a step. We will continue to advance sustainable construction through innovation, digitalization and the continued support of our industry and customers."

EcoPactZero, Holcim Germany’s carbon-neutral concrete

Over half of Holcim’s innovation resources are devoted to finding new sustainable solutions. EcoPact Zero, Holcim Germany’s carbon-neutral concrete, represents a milestone in these efforts and the benefit of over twenty years of experience in reducing the CO2 intensity of our products. The use of clinker-reduced cements, optimized mix design based on binder content as well as tailoring the entire logistic and production process all play a part in bringing EcoPact Zero to the market.

The unavoidable process-related CO2 emissions from EcoPact Zero are offset through local partners, for example by purchasing MoorFutures certificates, which support bog projects across the country. As the largest and most effective carbon stores on earth, bogs represent a contemporary and effective tool for carbon offsetting.

EcoPactZero, for zero carbon building in Germany

Building sustainably presents challenges and opportunities to the construction industry. For cement and concrete producers, reducing our CO2 footprint is a top priority. Rich text Through our strong innovation culture and decades of experience, we have been able to continuously optimize our entire portfolio.

Holcim Germany is one of our leading markets in this effort, with more than 90% of the concrete made with CO2-reduced cement. EcoPact Zero takes this commitment one step further by offering a concrete that is completely carbon-neutral, using only concretes that can show a CSC certificate. These certificates show that operations have been carried out in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.