The new product range TectorPrint covers customizable and efficient dry mortar solutions for 3D printing - placing Holcim Spain ahead of future construction markets.

In Spain, we have been piloting 3D printing dry mortar solutions since 2014, producing mixes that use both cementitious materials and natural hydraulic lime. These products were successfully printable and could reach up to 25 MPa convert pressure. Our experience has served as a base to formulate advanced products ready for the new market needs in Spain.

TectorPrint is the first Holcim dry mortar product range for 3D printing and has been developed in collaboration with the Holcim Innovation Center. This new product range includes both cement and natural hydraulic lime solutions, and covers convert pressure levels between 2 MPa up to 90 MPa - for high print speed capacity. TectorPrint is flexible and can adapt to a wide variety of customer needs, in both residential and infrastructure projects. As 3D printing technology uses only the materials the building requires, it helps optimize the amount of materials used and minimize errors in the construction work. 

As innovation is emerging through the collaboration of a network of actors, outside any single organization, we embrace this spirit in 3D printing too. At the moment, in Spain we are working with an open innovation approach together with startups and other organizations on two main construction projects that involve the use of TectorPrint: collective housing and energy infrastructure.

TectorPrint - 3D vertical printing prototype