Ready-Mix Concrete

With the help of the most advanced R&D facilities worldwide, Holcim has developed the most innovative range of ready-mix concrete solutions and services. They are designed to support our customers in solving their challenges: CO2 footprint reduction and energy efficiency of buildings, costs and speed of construction and worksite productivity, as well as architectural and aesthetic impact.


Holcim’s ready-mix concrete solutions’ quality, consistency and reliability offer superior mechanical performance for our customers’ most stringent demands, whatever the application. Our customers can also rely on Holcim’s world-class service, on-time deliveries and mix design management to get the concrete they need for their building and infrastructure projects.

Innovative concretes

Innovative concretes

Our specialty ready-mix concrete solutions are tailored to meet our customers' unique project needs - from efficiency to design to performance - in every corner of the globe. We offer ready-mix concrete solutions that are specifically adapted to and time-tested in your local market.

Customer service

Customer service

Project support: our experts support customers by reviewing their project requirements, identifying their needs, and proposing innovative solutions.

Digital Solutions: Our digital solutions, such as “Concrete Direct,” support our customers in their daily work by reducing complexity and workload at the job site and the office.

Logistics: Holcim manages one of the largest fleets of ready-mix concrete trucks on the market to ensure on-time deliveries to customer job sites.

Placing and finishing: Holcim has developed a single offer that combines the supply of value-added concrete solutions and placement by approved applicators.

Mobile plants: For major building and infrastructure projects requiring dedicated volumes and continuous supply, mobile ready-mix concrete plants ensure efficient and rapid delivery of our products.


Self-levelling building material flows effortlessly, reducing noise and risk on the worksite.


Decorative concrete range gives free rein to your boldest architectural projects.

Artevia Boreal

Light-absorbing by day, phosphorescent at night -- Artevia Boreal lights up the night without consuming energy.


Concrete that achieves strength in record time, quickly developing high mechanical resistance - and formworks can be removed much faster.


Our Ultra High Performance Concrete allows unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength.


The ultimate performance concrete for the new design trends and engineering challenges of our ever-evolving world.


The industry’s broadest range of green concrete.


Specialty concrete for industrial floors that extends floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact.


Permeable concrete rapidly absorbs rain water, helps recharge aquifers and reduces the risk of flooding.


Low thermal-resistivity concrete lowers the energy requirement of high-demand electrical facilities.

Insulating concrete improves insulation and energy performance of residential and office buildings and by reducing heat loss.