The sixth annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum returned to Singapore November 8-10, mobilizing the world’s most influential leaders. The event's theme, “Embracing Instability,” highlights the challenges confronting the global economy and underscores the opportunity to better understand and address underlying issues such as persistent inflation, geopolitical tensions, the rise of artificial intelligence and the precarious state of the world’s climate.

  • Date:  8-10 November, 2023
  • Location: Singapore

Holcim at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum

Jan Jenisch, Chairman and CEO, Holcim

On 8 November 2023, Holcim Chairman and CEO, Jan Jenisch participated as a speaker at the panel discussion "Decarbonization in the Real World". Jan discussed how some carbon-reducing technologies are ready to scale now and which projects are putting them into practice like Holcim's Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) project.  

Later, on the same day, Jan hosted a roundtable "Holcim breakout session with Jan Jenisch: Partnering to build Circular Cities” where a diverse group of executive decision makers and circularity leaders — architects, developers, public authorities, technologists, and investors — will discussed how to reinvent cities as circular economies of scale.

We need to rethink how our cities are designed, built and operated. Shifting to a circular economy is our best opportunity to address the growing building needs while preserving our planet's resources. Cities are the place where we can make this shift a reality.

Jan Jenisch| Chairman and CEO, Holcim


ECOCycle® enables the world's first fully recycled concrete building

A 220-unit social housing complex called “Recygénie” is currently under construction outside Paris, France. Built in partnership with Seqens and using a custom concrete made with Holcim’s ECOCycle® technology, this is the first fully recycled concrete building in the world.

Crushing it in France with game changing advanced concrete upcycling technology

Our new advanced crushing system in France is a game-changer in circular construction. With this proprietary processing technology, Holcim can upcycle 100% of construction demolition materials (CDM) into new building solutions.


Discover how to build a circular city