Holcim releases 2023 Tax Transparency Report

  • In 2023, Holcim contributed more than CHF 27.6 billion to communities
  • Contributions made where business occurs, with 85% of money paid to governments whose markets account for 90% of sales
  • Report includes tax highlights for Holcim’s Top 20 countries by revenue


Holcim has published its fourth annual Tax Transparency Report, showing that in 2023 the company contributed more than CHF 27.6 billion to communities across the world.

Part of Holcim’s ongoing commitment to the highest standards of governance, the report includes a detailed overview of the company’s approach to tax, principles of tax governance, tax risk management and tax advocacy in all countries where we operate.

Holcim’s total economic contribution includes payments to suppliers of CHF 19.8 billion, employee expenses for salary, wages and incentives of CHF 4.1 billion, payments to shareholders, lenders and investors of CHF 2.1 billion, and payments to governments of CHF 1.6 billion.

Holcim paid 85% of its taxes and other payments to governments where 90% of sales occurred. The report includes a detailed profile of contributions to governments in the company’s Top 20 countries by revenue as well as data for each country where Holcim operates.

Miljan Gutovic, CEO: “At Holcim sustainability is at the core of our strategy, and tax transparency is too – since a responsible approach is directly linked to our positive impact on people and planet.

“Being a responsible taxpayer, we understand the vital role that taxes play in supporting the functioning of governments and societies. Taxes are the bedrock upon which essential public services and infrastructure are built, from education and healthcare to transportation and security. As such, we recognize the importance of contributing our fair share and strive to do so with the utmost integrity.”

Steffen Kindler, CFO: “As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the significance of our economic and tax contributions and the impact they have on the communities we serve.”

Holcim’s Tax Transparency Report 2023 is available here.

About Holcim

Holcim is a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions with net sales of CHF 27.0 billion in 2023. Driven by our purpose to build progress for people and the planet, our 63,448 employees are on a mission to decarbonize building, while improving living standards for all. We empower our customers across all regions to build better with less, with a broad range of low-carbon and circular solutions, from ECOPact and ECOPlanet to our circular technology platform ECOCycle®. Through innovative systems, from Elevate roofing to PRB insulation, Holcim makes buildings more sustainable in use, driving energy efficiency and green retrofitting. With sustainability at the core of our strategy, we are on the way to becoming a net-zero company with 1.5°C targets validated by SBTi. 

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