For masons and contractors, architects and engineers, developers, owners, and investors, building and renovation projects come with new challenges: Energy efficiency, environmental certification, fast track construction, and requirements for durable, aesthetic, innovative, and/or cost-effective solutions.

Holcim can help you in your building project: For your individual or collective housing, commercial, institutional, industrial, or office building, from low- to high-rise construction, we bring innovative and high-performance solutions in cement, aggregates, concrete, and building systems that also encompass logistics, project management, and consulting services.

Your Challenges

Resource-efficient buildings compliant with environmental labels

Improving the thermal performance of your buildings provides comfort and reduced energy costs for homeowners and occupants. It is also a key component of local green building labels, such as LEED®, BREEAM®, HQE®, Green Star®, etc., which give extra value to your project. 

Holcim is your partner in optimizing your building's energy efficiency and environmental performance with:

Innovative thermal efficient concrete products (Thermedia®, EcoTerm, or Thermicimo).

Efficient building systems that combine our cement, aggregates, and concrete solutions with other insulating components to create energy-efficient construction elements (walls, floors, roofs, etc.). For example, lightweight insulated façades using our Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Ductal®.

Revolutionary mineral foam solutions for insulation that reaches top-tier performance levels. Learn more about Airium™.

Solutions for thermal renovation and rehabilitation, in order to retrofit your old building according to modern standards and legislation.

Recycling of demolition waste directly on-site to extend materials' lifecycle, while also supplying recycled materials, such as our recycled aggregates (Aggneo™), for your building.

Design and architecture

Holcim can provide you with aesthetic building solutions to create unique designs, such as:

Bright surfaces: With our Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Ductal® bright surfaces not only set the scene for outstanding pieces of architecture but also provide a friendly and human dimension to buildings and cities. On top, bright surfaces have the least heat absorption, which pleasantly reduces the heat-island effect in urban areas, helping to improve well-being and save energy.

Special textures: Concrete's natural born advantage is that it can take almost every shape. With Ductal®, we offer the vocabulary for a most expressive architecture, limited only by the creativity of the designer.

Unique designs and elements: Ductal® gives architects and engineers a cutting edge solution at hand, and brings together design and functionality. Free-shaped structures, precisely depicting lines of force like a bone, are both beautiful and optimal in terms of use of resources.

Getting the job done quicker on your jobsites

As a developer, contractor, or mason, the profitability of your business relies on the speed and efficiency of your worksites. Holcim can reduce construction time and optimize the on-site workforce with specific solutions:

Optimized mix designs for more efficient precast and concrete block manufacturing.

Special concretes dedicated to quicker construction, such as our rapid strength concrete (Chronolia®, Speedcrete) and our self-placing and self-leveling concrete (Agilia®, Easycrete, or Cemflow).

High quality cement and concrete solutions for easy on-site assembly of precast elements (walls, floors, etc.).

Construction specialists working with architects and engineers during the design phase to propose the most efficient materials and product solutions for your building project.

Bringing you the latest innovative building solutions

With Holcim, you are sure to benefit from building materials solutions and systems using the latest technology, thanks to:

Collaboration with architects, engineers, and design teams to tailor the best solutions (cement, aggregates, concrete, and building systems), develop new solutions together, and encourage creativity and innovation in building design.

Holcim R&D Center, in Lyon (France), the first of its kind for building materials worldwide.

Network of local development labs located near your project sites.

Portfolio of over 1,500 patents.

Making your life easier for renovation projects and high-rise building

For the construction of multi-story buildings and the rehabilitation of existing buildings, Holcim can provide high-performing specific solutions, thereby making the most of the usable space in cities and buildings:

Concrete solutions for structural renovations and building extensions.

High-strength concretes for higher buildings with narrower structural elements.

We can also deliver all our solutions worldwide, in the most densely built urban areas and remote worksites, with bespoke solutions customized to your needs.

Our buildings solutions