The Solidia technology offers precast concrete manufacturers a novel technology to produce lower carbon construction materials. Using the low CO2 Solidia cement and permanently storing CO2 in concrete pavers and blocks prevent CO2 emissions from being released in the atmosphere.


As part of its partnership with Solidia Technologies, Holcim has developed a reduced CO2 cement that together with a proprietary concrete mix design, and a specialized curing process utilizing CO2 creates a concrete with up to 70% lower carbon footprint than traditional Ordinary Portland Cement systems. Precast companies using the technology have demonstrated improved aesthetics of the concrete products from no efflorescence and more vibrant colors. Furthermore, they have benefited from cost reductions and increased production capacity thanks to full concrete strength in under 1 day. By transforming CO2 into a usable material, Solidia products can give concrete paving and block producers a competitive edge.

Solidia is available in the USA.

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