Resource-saving cement

At Holcim, we believe the future of construction is circular. This is why our vision is to close the construction loop by building new from old.

To make construction more circular across its lifecycle, within our ECOPlanet range of low-carbon cement, we offer Susteno, the world’s first resource-saving cement with 20 percent recycled construction and demolition materials (CDM) inside.

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Building circular

Susteno is made possible by processing and upcycling materials from demolition projects, resulting in a cement that closes the loop on CDM to build new from the old and preserve nature. We introduced Susteno in Switzerland four years ago. Our experience shows that customers can enjoy the sustainability benefits that circular cement offers without compromising performance.


Upcycling CDM

The quality requirements of the recycled aggregates for the production of Susteno are very high, including strict acceptance criteria regarding the size and humility of the granulates, as well as chemical and mineral requirements and components that need to be excluded. The strict quality management includes testing of the cement and concrete beyond the standard, ensuring an efficient and high-quality cement that can be used in all building construction applications.

SQUARE - St. Gallen, Switzerland

By using Susteno cement, with up to 20% construction demolition materials inside, we replaced conventional cement.


Susteno reduces the clinker content of the cement and therefore its CO2 by 10% compared to an already CO2-optimized Swiss mass cement. Clinker is the most CO2 intensive component of cement with roughly two-thirds of CO2 emitted as a result of the chemical reaction in the manufacturing process. This means that the most meaningful way to reduce CO2 emissions of cement is by replacing clinker with mineral components. Since common substitute materials like fly ash and slag are not available in Switzerland, Holcim invented alternative local solutions, which also shortens logistics distances. In 2019, Susteno saved over 7,000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 1,900 trips around the world by car.

Susteno is available in Switzerland.

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