Developing ECOMaterials

We offer the industry’s broadest range of ECOMaterials. Harnessing our green formulation expertise, we use innovative low-emission raw materials and mineral industrial components – from calcined clay to construction and demolition waste – to decarbonize our concrete and cement mixes.

Calcined clay is an innovative low-carbon material we use to decarbonize cement. Our first calcined clay cement, launched in 2021 as part of our ECOPlanet range, emits 34% less CO2 per metric ton of cement with no compromise on performance.

Making green building possible at scale

Leading green formulation, we use innovative low-emission raw materials to expand our range of green building materials.

We are scaling up the recycling of construction and demolition waste in our green cement ECOPlanet and green concrete ECOPact ranges, from Switzerland and Germany to Austria and Spain.

As a first mover in decarbonizing building, we are making green building accessible to all across our emerging markets, from Mexico to the Philippines. ECOPact – with 60% less CO2 compared to standard concrete – was used in Casa Laguna, Ecuador’s largest affordable housing project. ECOPlanet was also used to build Africa’s largest tower – the Iconic Tower in Egypt.

We leverage our green formulation expertise in our comprehensive ranges of building materials, from ready-mix concrete to aggregates.

At Holcim, we believe the future is circular. We are driving circular construction to build new from old.

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