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A portfolio of innovative asphalt solutions


Leveraging the latest processing technology, Holcim develops innovative asphalt solutions that maximize recycled material use without compromising durability and performance.

Our asphalt offer

Our asphalt products are durable, hard-wearing, impermeable and resistant. We also offer a range of products with a high proportion of recycled content. Holcim supplies retailers, contractors and individuals, advising them on the right product to meet their needs.

Our applications

Our asphalt products are ideal for heavy industrial and commercial applications such as parking lots, loading bays, distribution centers, aircraft refueling areas and bus stations. We develop dense-graded asphalt mixtures with guaranteed high performance for pathways, sidewalks and driveways. Our colored asphalt products are designed to pave bus lanes, cycle routes and stopping areas.

Holcim has contributed to many of the iconic buildings that make up Washington, D.C., helping cement its status as the world’s first LEED® Platinum city. For example, 5,000 tons of Holcim asphalt pave the 82-acre President’s Park that surrounds the White House.

High-performance, responsible asphalt solutions

Commonly used for road surfaces, base courses, parking lots, airfields and runways, asphalt consists of high-quality aggregates mixed with a bitumen binder.

Building on decades of experience, Holcim has the asphalt expertise to successfully undertake the most demanding projects and diverse applications. Our ongoing commitment to R&D guarantees high levels of performance, durability and material efficiency in addition to unique characteristics such as ensuring superior performance in different climates. Holcim also produces asphalt with noise-reducing properties for residential areas, as well as asphalt with surface drainage layers and open graded sub-base layers.

Using recycled aggregates to enhance sustainable building performance

To protect the environment and limit our carbon footprint, Holcim has developed a range of best practices and tools:

  • Maximizing recycled asphalt use
  • Expanding cold and warm asphalt technologies
  • Optimizing bitumen consumption
  • Enhancing rideability with our polymer modified bitumen

Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials. Recycled asphalt delivers excellent mechanical properties while reducing the need for natural aggregates. It contains high levels of recycled raw materials such as old road surfaces, sand, crushed glass and recovered waste from other industries.


SuperLow: decarbonized asphalt with no compromise on performance

Our SuperLow asphalt is manufactured at lower temperatures resulting in significant carbon reductions compared to standard asphalt. Remaining emissions are offset through carbon reduction projects via our partner Circular Ecology.

SuperLow cools down quicker than traditional mixes, meaning repairs and resurfacing can be carried out faster and roads can be opened to traffic quicker. The cooler temperature also reduces binder aging and enhances life expectancy, keeping roads operational for longer periods.


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