Agilia is our range of self-placing and self-levelling concretes and screeds that flow and spread effortlessly, reducing worksites hassles and saving time and costs every day.

The technology used in Agilia products allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight. It delivers excellent quality concretes and screeds with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without manual placement or vibration. Plus, Agilia speeds up pouring work and creates more flexibility on job sites.


  • No vibration, which means improved safety and less noise on worksites
  • Easy to place thanks to a reduced number of pour points and operations on the worksite
  • Flexible and extremely fluid, it ensures highly esthetic finish for a variety of applications, including foundations, toppings and screeds
  • Reduced labor time as it speeds up pouring work due to its ease of placement and the high-quality surface finish it delivers

Agilia is available in Algeria, Belgium (SCCroc), Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany (SelfPact), Greece, India (ACC Flowcrete), Morocco, Poland, Qatar, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland (SelfPact), UAE, UK, and USA (AgileFlow).