Holcim Mexico and Lyon’s Innovation Center teamed up to solve the problem of concrete cracking.


I-DRACRETO is an intelligent concrete solution to enhance the quality of construction in an economical and practical way.

I-DRACRETO uses a tailor-made technology to provide additional moisture to the concrete from the inside, making the hydration process more efficient, mitigating self-drying, and helping reduce early-age cracking. This versatile solution helps reduce the number of repairs and maintenance of concrete elements such as roads, slabs, precast, and foundations.

I-DRACRETO’s outstanding performance bases its value on three key benefits:

  • Reduce 85 of cracks caused by plastic shrinkage
  • Optimize the curing process
  • Improve the rheology 

I-DRACRETO is the result of successful teamwork between the Holcim Mexico Innovation Center, RMX Operations and Marketing with the support of our experts from our Innovation Center in Lyon. It is available in Mexico.