Our TerraFlowTM range is formulated to work with mine backfill material to meet the unique needs of the underground mining industry.  A specialized engineered blend of cementitious and other construction materials, TerraFlowTM is an efficient and cost-effective solution for backfilling in underground mines. It has also been successfully used in a number of soil mixing applications to improve the geotechnical requirements of native soils.

TerraflowTM is specifically designed for paste or rock backfill of underground stopes and can reduce total binder consumption when compared to portland cement. Its formulation has also been found to be ideal for deep soil mixing operations, particularly where highly plastic, clay-bearing soils are encountered. TerraFlowTM may be mixed with bentonite to reduce the permeability of Soil-Cement-Bentonite (SCB) cutoff walls.

Use TerraFlowTM in 

  • Underground stope backfill with paste or rock;
  • Underground zinc, gold, copper, silver and lead mines;
  • Jet grouting cut off walls and piles;
  • Deep soil and cutter soil mixing methods for ground improvement;
  • Construction of caisson and secant wall piling;

The advantages of TerraFlowTM

  • Superior performance when used with sulfide/sulfate bearing materials commonly found in mine tailings;
  • Potential binder reductions 
  • Allows for more efficient and cost-effective backfilling in underground mines;
  • Optimizes use/reuse of material, including cementitious materials;
  • Elimination of tailing detention and/or disposal requirement;
  • Pre-blended before arriving on-site to promote maximum working efficiency and reduce site equipment requirements;
  • Blend proportions may be varied according to specific requirements as determined by preliminary testing;
  • Saves energy and natural resources;
  • Superior performance in clay-bearing soils.