Agrovial, for sustainable rural roads

Agrovial is a specially developed hydraulic binder for stabilization of soils and rural roads. Combining cement with locally-sourced soils, Agrovial improves rural roads while reducing negative environmental impacts.

When the last mile is the hardest

Rural roads are typically vulnerable to both rain and traffic, lasting no more than a few months. Poor surface quality on rural roads can have devastating effects on rural incomes; produce risks more damage en route, or producers may even be cut off from markets entirely. By repairing roads in a sustainable and durable way, Agrovial helps generate economic benefits while also minimizing environmental impact.

Stable rural roads to help farmers reach their customers

Agrovial can lower road construction and maintenance costs by 40% compared to conventionally built roads. They also last three times longer, and far more resistant to heavy rains and the formation of potholes. This means farmers can continue to produce the whole year round while also spending less time on road repairs. More stable roads mean that farmers’ effective yields are much higher on average.

A sustainable solution for all seasons

Agrovial is a specially developed hydraulic binder for stabilization of soils and rural roads that is both cost-effective and innovative, allowing roads to be more resistant and durable for pedestrian, animal and vehicular use. The benefits of Agrovial go beyond economics. Agrovial combines cement with locally-sourced soils. Since those base materials are 100% local, there’s no need to transport quarried rocks or gravel over long distances, cutting the emissions associated with transport.

Agrovial is available in Argentina and Ecuador.

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