OLYMPUS carbon capture project

OLYMPUS is a flagship project in Holcim’s European decarbonization roadmap. It will lead to the development of storage capacity in southern Europe. It uses a highly innovative technology combination that merges OxyCalciner & Cryocap™ Oxy.

With a target operational date of 2028, the project aims to capture and store 1 million tons of CO₂ annually. In 2023, the project was selected for a grant from the EU Innovation Fund.

Olympus at a glance


Net zero by 2029


OxyCalciner & CryocapTM Oxy


1 million tons CO2 captured annually


EU Innovation Grant funding


New scalable and replicable technology for a more sustainable CO₂ capture process 


Storage pathway

The technology behind the project

The combination of OxyCalciner & Cryocap™ Oxy is a novel technology that will enable low capture variable cost. Through this project, Holcim will transform the Milaki cement plant into a net carbon removal site. 

It uses OxyCalciner technology to capture CO₂ from the flue gas of the Milaki cement plant. The captured CO₂ will then be transported to the Cryocap plant to be liquefied and stored. 

The Cryocap™ Oxy technology by Air Liquide captures and purifies CO₂ from flue gas through oxycombustion processes. It has a CO₂ capture rate of 98%. This technology can manage impurities, particularly high levels of nitrogen oxides, to ensure the quality and safety of the captured CO₂.

With our innovative OLYMPUS project, we are contributing to the decarbonization of our industry, leading the way towards a net-zero future in Greece and Europe.

Dimitris Chanis| CEO Holcim Greece

More on Holcim's net-zero journey

The Carbon2Business project at our cement plant in Lägerdorf, Germany aims to capture more than 1.2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Go4ECOPlanet will install a unique facility to capture 100% of CO₂ emissions generated during the production of clinker – the key ingredient in cement production.

The KOdeCO net zero project aims to make Holcim’s Koromačno plant the first to produce net-zero cement in Croatia and the Mediterranean.

In Belgium, the GO4ZERO project will deploy an innovative carbon capture technology at our plant in Obourg, and transport CO2 for offshore storage.

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