Open innovation

Cross-industry collaboration

At Holcim, our ultimate goal is to build progress for people and the planet. Our global network of partners is critical in helping us think outside the box. Knowing that all solutions will not come from within our company, we are convinced that we need the brightest minds to help us lead the next frontier of building solutions. All these collaborations help expand the company’s offering of low-carbon products and solutions as part of its journey to net zero.

Start-up spotlight

TimberRoc is a unique formulation of timber and cement, which removes CO2 from the atmosphere. We’ve partnered with French start-up CCB Greentech to develop this carbon-negative solution, ideal for pre-cast applications.


Plants of Tomorrow

Our Plants of Tomorrow initiative harnesses Industry 4.0 technologies. Bringing together a range of innovations, the initiative targets performance improvement, circularity and carbon neutrality.

270 plants around the world are involved. To date, we have rolled out more than 1,600 deployments worldwide. Innovations developed include automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, digital twin technologies and more.


“Innovation is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Holcim. Yet we know it’s a journey we can’t go alone. That is why we value collaborative initiatives and partnerships with external stakeholders to build progress for people and the planet.”

EDELIO BERMEJO| Head of Global Research & Development, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Our open innovation strategy

To propel our open innovation mindset, we have a number of programs in place aimed at startups and like-minded innovative thinkers.

Our Holcim MAQER program is designed to create lasting partnerships with innovative start-ups. Through this collaboration, the Holcim MAQER is taking the global building materials industry into the future.

Holcim Accelerator is a six-month start-up acceleration program that aims to promote innovation across all aspects of sustainable construction. We share entrepreneurial, business and technical expertise to foster innovative ideas.

We partner with leading universities and academic institutions worldwide. Our network leverages collaboration to drive innovation, spark new ideas and create the low-carbon building materials of the future.

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