Open innovation

We believe that innovation is emerging through the collaboration of a network of actors, outside any single organization. We embrace this spirit of open innovation, connecting people and organizations from inside and outside Holcim to find new solutions and ways of working. The Holcim Accelerator, Holcim Maqer and Plants of Tomorrow illustrate how open innovation is working at Holcim today.


Our industry's future lies in open innovation

Holcim Accelerator

Holcim Accelerator is an intensive 6-month program dedicated to accelerate the growth of innovative companies and start-ups in the building industry. Led by 3 major groups Holcim, CCCC and Sika, the program offers a unique access to a high level technical, market and entrepreneurial expertise.

Holcim Maqer

Holcim MAQER is about establishing enduring partnerships between startups and Holcim based upon real business, knowledge and growth. With an open innovation approach, Holcim MAQER provides access to the global building materials sector to help drive innovation at a massive scale.

Plants of Tomorrow

One of the largest roll-outs of Industry 4.0 technologies in the building materials industry, it targets a global network of over 270 integrated cement plants and grinding stations across more than 50 countries and utilizes a wide range of technologies for the entire production process.

Construction of Tomorrow

Construction of tomorrow is a Holcim initiative that promotes open innovation on a Group-wide basis. By drawing new connections between people and systems, and by collecting and processing the appropriate data, we are creating the materials of tomorrow.