Holcim Accelerator

Accelerating industry innovation

The Holcim Accelerator is a unique start-up accelerating program, with the aim of accelerating sustainable construction and disruptive solutions.

A fast-paced, intensive start-up program

The Holcim Accelerator is our initiative in collaboration with leading international corporate partners. It is an intensive 6-month acceleration program whose objective is to accelerate an innovative construction method or solution that benefits the environment.

We select the most promising start-up businesses to work for 6 months with our local country teams. Following a welcome event, the teams participate in sprint sessions to finalize their roadmap. Our experts are on hand every step of the way to provide business, technical and entrepreneurial expertise. Via our virtual platform, we offer webinars, online resources, and the chance to engage with experts and mentors.

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Why join the Holcim Accelerator?

  • An opportunity to accelerate innovation within your business to advance the sustainable construction industry
  • Collaboration with an expert team in your country, with access to different markets and facilities around the world
  • Industry expertise provided by top managers from leading construction companies
  • Development of the entrepreneurial, business and technical aspects of your project
  • A chance to carry out pilot tests and demonstrations to kickstart your solution

Collaborating on cutting-edge projects

The Holcim Accelerator has already worked with more than 30 cutting-edge start-ups. Our innovative collaborations range from robotics to low-carbon concrete.

Advanced Construction Robotics came to us with the goal of accelerating an on-site autonomous robot for tying rebar – or reinforcing steel – on bridge decks. The project involved utilizing artificial intelligence to automate a key process in concrete manufacturing.

Another start-up, Sonocrete, aims to harness ultrasound technology for high-strength concrete. We helped accelerate this solution to increase the mechanical strength of concrete at an early age, while reducing energy consumption.

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