Holcim MAQER

Holcim MAQER is about establishing enduring partnerships between startups and Holcim based upon real business, knowledge and growth. With an open innovation approach, MAQER provides access to the global building materials sector to help drive innovation at a massive scale.

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We launched the Holcim MAQER platform with the aim to identify the most impactful technologies, target start-up technology companies, and also establish new partnership models with both manufacturing and software companies. MAQER partners with startups that solve challenges across the entire corporation, with special focus on industry 4.0, logistics, service and retail.

“Our global manufacturing expertise in Cement is second to none. Now, we open up our operating model to the creativity and ingenuity of some of the world’s most gifted and talented digital minds. We are already seeing the success of this approach in many of our operations globally.” Philipp Leutiger, Chief Digital Officer

Value for Holcim MAQER partners

MAQER is our open innovation portal to bring innovative ideas into practice in our industry. With this partnership you gain a reference client in the trillion dollar construction industry. Holcim – the global leader in the construction materials industry – becomes your paying reference client, even if your solution is still a prototype. Your solution is unique in solving our problems, and we are valuable for you as your early adopting client. This partnership is a milestone to establish yourself in the huge construction industry, which is ripe to be conquered by cutting-edge startups like yours. The Holcim MAQER is the fast-track to business with Holcim and any of its global subsidiaries. You remain flexible, as we do not demand exclusivity, or rights to invest or over your Intellectual Property.

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