Smart design

Using minimum materials for maximum strength

Holcim is empowering smart design, like 3D printing that can use up to 80% less materials with no compromise in performance. This enables us to build better with less.

Unveiled in Venice in 2021, the Striatus 3D concrete printed bridge was made possible by Holcim’s proprietary TectorPrint ink. The structure is composed of recyclable 3D printed blocks that stand together solely through compression.

Making buildings circular by design

We are deploying a range of technologies to make buildings smarter from rooftop to foundation and at every stage of their life, from design and building to repair.

Our experts begin with the end in mind, making buildings circular by design and paving the way forward for circular cities and smarter infrastructure.

Discover our circular approach

The ultimate performance concrete, DYNAMax enables smart design, with thinner and longer structures and higher functionality.

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