green mobility

Using the greenest means of transportation

Green mobility is a key part of greening our operations and decarbonizing our business. We are leading the transition to green mobility from our quarries to cities, using the greenest and most efficient transport options, including biofuels, electric vehicles, railways and barges.

In 2022, we launched a fleet of 100% electric trucks with a 420 km range in Germany. These electric vehicles are a step towards achieving net-zero scope 3 emissions.

Transforming our fleets

We are deploying electric fleets wherever we can across our operations: from autonomous e-vehicles in our quarries to long haul e-trucks that distribute our materials. Holcim is a signatory of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance’s Call for Zero Emission Freight Vehicles to demonstrate the demand for zero-emission trucks and ensure availability for our suppliers.

We are pushing the boundaries of digitalization across our business, starting with our logistics. TAC is our proprietary digital technology that optimizes load and route efficiency, safety and carbon footprint.

Beyond our own operations, we work closely with our supply chain partners to support them with green mobility solutions.

At Holcim, we are driving cutting-edge research and continuously developing solutions to make our operations greener.

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