Holcim’s corporate governance organization comprises 3 committees, which support, assist and advise the Group’s Board of Directors on 3 topics: "Nomination, Compensation & Governance", "Audit” and “Health, Safety & Sustainability”.

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Nomination, Compensation and Governance Committee

This committee supports the Board of Directors in planning and preparing succession at the Senior Management level, and in all governance-related matters. It is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring developments relating to compensation for the Board of Directors and Senior Management and to governance-related matters
  • Briefing the Board of Directors accordingly
  • Deciding on compensation paid to the Executive Management, and on the Chief Executive Officer’s targets and performance assessment
  • Informing the Board of Directors as a whole of the decisions taken
Audit Committee

This committee assists and advises the Board of Directors in conducting its supervisory duties, specifically those relating to financial matters and internal control systems. It is also responsible for the following:

  • Examining and reviewing the reporting submitted to the attention of the Board of Directors
  • Evaluating the Holcim Group’s external and internal audit procedures
  • Reviewing the risk management system
  • Assessing financing issues

Reporting to the Audit Committee, the Ethics, Integrity & Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing the rigorous implementation of the Group's risk assessment process which will strengthen and enhance Group-wide compliance. The committee is co-chaired by the Executive Committee member responsible for Human Resources and the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer. 

Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee

The committee supports and advises the Board on the development and promotion of a healthy, safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and third parties on site as well as on sustainable development and social responsibility. This incorporates Human Rights, including labor and children's rights.

Amongst other duties it is also responsible for the following :

  • Overseeing the resources and processes to be employed to minimize or eliminate risks to health, safety, environment, human rights and security.
  • Overseeing the performance of the Company with regard to Health,Safety and Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility.
  • Supporting the development of a Company culture in which the objectives are to act in a safe, sustainable and socially responsible manner
  • Advising the Board on sustainability trends and developments of the industry as appropriate, and recommending to the Board the inclusion of sustainable development and social responsibility matters in evolving business models and Company strategy, taking into account shareholder, stakeholder and societal expectations