Building better with less

Decarbonizing construction

With our world’s rising population and urbanization, Holcim is building better with less to improve living standards for all and build a net-zero future.

The key to decarbonizing construction is developing low-carbon materials and using smart design.

Since concrete is sustainable, versatile and resilient, we are continually innovating to make green concrete the building material for a net-zero future. Our ECOPact green concrete offers significant CO2 reductions without compromising on performance.

We enable smart design with our proprietary technologies from our 3D concrete printing ink, TectorPrint, to DYNAMax, the ultimate performance concrete.

Discover GO CIRCULAR – Holcim's first race boat, sailing the globe for circularity.


DYNAMax was the material of choice for a modern office complex development in Germany – ensuring high strength, outstanding durability, superior rigidity and a reduced carbon footprint.

“At Holcim, we are developing new green materials and solutions to help our customers build better with less. This is part of our strategic approach to decarbonize building across its entire lifecycle.”

Jan Jenisch| CEO

We are decarbonizing construction around the world with our green building materials, from ECOPact green concrete to ECOPlanet green cement, delivering 100% performance and starting from 30% less CO2.

We are empowering smart design to use minimal materials for maximum strength, like 3D printing that can use up to 80% less materials.

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