Circular cities barometer

Cities leading the circular economy

Cities are at the forefront of the shift to a circular economy. With an estimated two billion new urban residents by 2050, our cities need to become more circular to secure a sustainable future.

We created the Circular Cities Barometer with Bloomberg Media Studios to identify the world’s top cities at the forefront of circular living. This digital dashboard shows how the top 25 cities are transitioning from a linear “take, make, waste” economy to a circular “reduce, reuse, recycle” model.

What makes a city circular?

Holcim and Bloomberg created the Circular Cities Barometer to measure how fast 25 cities around the world are leading the shift to the circular economy. We rated cities based on a dozen circularity indicators. The results provide valuable insights into measures cities can take to be more circular.

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Circular cities barometer around the world

Energy-efficient school in Vienna
COP 27 Sharm el-Sheikh
New York Climate Week
Young World Summit Manchester

How circular is your city?





We expect 70% of the world population to be living in cities by 2050, adding 2.5 billion people - this rapid urbanization means cities can make a real difference in decarbonizing the built environment. Circular cities are the cities of the future, and with Holcim products we can build them today.

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