Collective housing

For investors, developers, design teams and contractors, building collective housing requires fast track construction on efficient job sites, top level thermal insulation, environmental certification, as well as specific high strength solutions and logistics for high-rise constructions. At Holcim, we understand your challenges. We are capable of working with you to develop the most appropriate cement, aggregate, and concrete solutions adapted to meet your requirements, from thermal efficient concrete to precast products, high-performance concretes, and efficient building systems.

Your challenge

Building collective housing means business. As an investor, developer, design team, or contractor, you have specific requirements:

  • selling flats faster and improving the profitability of your project, through fast track construction and efficient work on jobsites
  • being compliant with local construction thermal regulations • Increasing the value of your project and attracting buyers and renters with green building certifications and labels (LEED, BREEAM, HQE) and environmental features for water, waste, and recycling
  • and for high-rise buildings, it is important to maximize the space available for sale by reducing structural elements' floor area and ensure continuous delivery of large volumes of materials.

Our offer

  • We can speed up your jobsites with precast solutions that help optimize the manpower, rapid strength concrete to quicker build upper floors, and high performance concretes that enable thinner structural columns
  • We contribute to the thermal performance of your collective housing construction by reducing energy consumption with advanced thermal-efficient concrete, complying with local regulations through high thermal performance concrete blocks, and creating energy-efficient construction elements such as walls, floors, and roofs
  • We help match the most demanding green building certifications by improving water management, leveraging our demolition waste recycling expertise, and consulting you to design the right material combinations