We are scaling up the use of circular solutions in all our segments - Aggregates, Cement, RMX concrete and Solutions & Products. With our efforts we are further closing the loop on Construction and Demolition Waste, enabling circular and carbon neutral construction.

recycling target by 2030
recycled high quality aggregates with Aggneo
circular cement in the world, with Susteno


Our circular products today

We offer the broadest range of sustainable products, with no compromise on performance, from carbon neutral solutions to high levels of recycled content. The transformation of our products to become more circular in design also has a significant positive impact on society, such as avoiding demolition and creating additional waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.



We recycle construction and demolition waste to give buildings a second life and provide a source of materials for new green building products. Susteno is the world’s first circular cement with a 38% lower carbon footprint and 20% recycled rubble (from Construction & Demolition Waste) inside. Susteno is the first cement that fulfills all aspects required for a closed material cycle, reducing the amount of demolition waste in landfills and using fewer natural resources.


ECOPact is a broad range of green concrete for low carbon and circular construction. It enables better environmental performance globally. In its most advanced variants, ECOPact products integrate recycled construction and demolition materials, further closing materials cycles.


Aggneo is a 100% recycled aggregate that effectively recycles construction and demolition waste and industrial by-products without any compromise on performance.

Geocycle PlaNet

Geocycle PlaNet solutions offer a global transparent platform. It provides an avenue for plastic waste generators to invest in innovative and smart plastic waste collection and treatment solutions.

Circular by design

Concrete recyclability

Concrete is particularly valuable for the circular economy as it can be fully and infinitely recycled as an alternative aggregate or even as raw material for cement production. We recycle construction and demolition waste into cement and aggregates to produce new concrete. This concrete is used in construction, which through maintenance and retrofitting lasts even longer. At the end of the construction lifecycle, the concrete can once more be recycled.


Infinite-reuse in mind

Recarbonation is a process that recycles CO2. We have been achieving some breakthrough innovations at our R&D labs in Lyon, France, to recarbonate recycled old concrete, with CO2 and use it for other building material applications.

Our results are game-changing. They open up the potential to re-use untreated CO2 at industrial sources, to create higher performing materials for building.

New Materials:

We are innovating the next generation of circular products with up to 100% circularity, such as the next generation of Susteno with higher recycled construction and demolition waste.

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Future Generation Products:

We are innovating the next generation of circular products with up to 100% circularity, such as cement with higher recycled construction and demolition waste.

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Recycling with 3D printing:

We are testing the use of construction and demolition waste in 3D printing construction to build more with less and increase recyclability at the end of life.

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Deploying digital:

We are using digital tools to provide circular, lowcarbon and competitive solutions, such as Oris, the first digital materials platform for sustainable road construction.

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