Waste management services

With our circular economy agenda we seek to reduce the need for natural resources, while driving social and economic benefit for our communities and customers.

We are collecting waste streams from industries and households, preventing the use of landfill and reducing its negative impact on society, such as air, soil and water pollution. We transform waste into new products.

Geocycle services

Geocycle is a sustainable waste management solutions business, its main purpose is to rethink waste challenges in order to provide innovative ways to manage it. We are the only building materials company with a dedicated business to manage waste and improve circularity within our value chain. Geocycle maintains a network of more than 50 operations globally, making it one of the world’s leading providers of waste management services.

Geocycle supports our target of decoupling our growth from our use of natural resources by providing innovative ways to eliminate and manage waste. It enhances the supply chain of waste with initiatives that improve the local waste management practice such as bubble barrier, PlaNet Solutions and the GIZ partnership. The goal is to boost material collection rates and to channel the collected waste back into the value chain to be recycled.

Making construction more circular

Driving the Circular Economy, we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, improving sustainability in the value chain and bringing more value to our customers.

Circular on-site of construction projects

We manage all types of waste, enabling recyclability into building products. Construction minerals replace limestone and correctives in the kiln, while recycled concrete substitutes clinker in our Susteno cement.

Replacing virgin gravel, we provide Aggneo, a 100% recycled aggregate from demolition waste.

We optimize logistics to reduce delivery times, cost and CO2 from transportation.

Quality assurance

High-quality recycled materials are used to manufacture our products, ensuring reliability and delivering an equal to superior performance compared with conventional alternatives.

Green Building certifications

Our circular products are aligned with the highest standards of sustainable building certifications from BREEAM to LEED.

Enhancing transparency

We actively disclose the environmental profile of our products, from CO2 to recycled content, with the EcoLabel, enabling our customers to make the best choice.