Building a new gateway for global trade in Ecuador

7 March 2019

Solid infrastructure is a vital positive solution to megatrends like urban population growth. In Ecuador, our concrete has contributed to major infrastructure projects, from ports to transport.


As a leader in the global building materials industry, we take pride in helping our clients find sustainable, positive solutions to megatrends like population growth and urbanization. Good building – especially of infrastructure – is key to helping societies absorb these trends and to ensure that the benefits are widely shared.

In Ecuador we are contributing on a number of fronts. Beginning near Guayaquil, its largest city, we have designed a range of concrete solutions to build the deep water port of Posorja. Posorja will give the country a state-of-the-art link to the world trade system – and with a depth of 16 meters, the port will enable sea trade even for today’s largest (‘Post Panamax’) vessels.

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And in the capital city of Quito, we have poured another 512,000 cubic meters of concrete to create the city’s first metro system. This World Bank-sponsored project envisions a 22-kilometer rapid transit artery that will connect the city’s 1.6 million people – a number that has grown steadily and will continue to do so into the future.