ABCD+: the affordable positive energy house made from concrete!

10 October 2013

How can we respond to both city-dwellers housing needs and the environmental challenges of cities? Aesthetic and very affordable positive energy houses made from concrete may be one solution. This is demonstrated by the ABCD+ House, designed by French builder Cécile Robin in partnership with our LafargeHolcim teams in France.


A new concept for detached houses  

Roanne, a medium-sized city in south-east France, hosts a home like no other: the ABCD+ House.

This positive-energy detached concrete house, the result of a close partnership with building firm Cécile Robin Construction, is inspired by the PRO-eco initiative set up by LafargeHolcim in France to make sustainable construction simpler for building professionals. Combining traditional techniques and innovative materials such as pumice-stone concrete block, the house meets the requirements of 2020 Thermal Regulation as of today.

The ABCD+ House also embodies one of our responses to the urban planning challenges of sustainable cities : it also shows that concrete is the sustainable construction material for all, due to its thermal inertia, its availability, its low cost, its architectural flexibility, its lifespan and its low maintenance cost!

ABCD+: a name which says it all!

A for Affordable

The house offers excellent value for money and is accessible to first-time buyers, due to the selection of simple materials and fittings which are easy to implement, such as pumice-stone concrete blocks. This new generation concrete block allows traditional construction methods and offers good thermal (R = 2.5 m2.k/w) and acoustic insulation.

B for Beautiful

Featuring a particularly attractive design (practical layout, variety of openings, patio, etc.), it offers an architecture which preserves privacy and a bioclimatic design favoring comfortable living.

C for Community-minded

The ABCD+ concrete house offers high land-use density well suited to urban development. Furthermore, its environmental impact is reduced thanks to optimized management of:

  • water, due to the external floors in Hydromedia™ pervious concrete and a rainwater recycling system,
  • energy, thanks to a high thermal performance shell,
  • land, due to its design which allows a high land-use density,
  • and nature in cities, thanks to its green roof.

D for Duplicable

Combining traditional materials and innovative technologies (Hydromedia, Agilia MI Métal Fondations and Agilia MI Planchers, pumice-stone concrete blocks, etc.) which are simple and fast to implement, the ABCD+ House is easy to mass reproduce.

+ for Positive

It produces more energy than it consumes (-3.3 kWh pe/m²/year) and provides energy savings thanks to:

  • high inertia walls (LAVA pumice-stone concrete blocks),
  • low air permeability,
  • photovoltaic panels.

Thanks to all its qualities, ABCD+ won the 2012 House of the Year prize in the Urban Planning Challenges category, from the Union des Maisons Françaises!