LafargeHolcim's aggneo™ circular economy solutions breathe new life into heritage sites in Paris

16 June 2017

Like blazing phoenixes, two heritage buildings in Paris rose from their rubble with help from Lafarge France and Bouygues Construction. How? Thanks to our aggneoTM solutions, 100% of demolition and construction waste products on-site were recycled into new concrete materials. Plus, the circular project was delivered at reduced environmental impact and costs!


The Marais district, at the historical center of Paris, is a blend of old and new: you can find start-ups, trendy shops, neo-cafés and young families inside the walls of buildings that date back to the reign of Louis XIV. What better setting for an innovative restoration project? Lafarge France recently supported Bouygues Construction in the renovation of two heritage sites using their solution to dramatically cut costs, waste and emissions in a pilot circular economy project.

aggneo™ closes the loop on construction and development waste


In December 2016, Bouygues Construction began renovating two heritage buildings in the heart of Paris (Rue des Archives). Rather than producing new concrete for the reconstruction project, they partnered with Lafarge France to turn the sites’ rubble – the waste left behind after construction and demolition – into ready-to-use concrete. Using our aggneo™ solutions, our teams in France were able to make use of all inert material, turning 18% into new concrete products and 82% into new road gravels.

By taking on the mammoth task of transporting, sorting and recycling 4,000 tonnes of demolition materials from the sites, Lafarge France’s involvement in the project preserved the same amount of natural resources from quarry extraction. 720 tonnes of this waste was recycled to make new concrete for the renovation project in a local concrete plant, whose proximity contributed to the 10-30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a classic renovation site.

LafargeHolcim champions sustainable, circular building practices

As a result of the partnership between Lafarge France and Bouygues Construction, the two renovated buildings now comply with France’s green building standards ("Haute Qualité Environnementale" or HQE) as well as Europe’s targets for the recycling of construction and demolition waste. This circular economy project is also an illustration of how the solutions in LafargeHolcim’s sustainability strategy, the 2030 Plan, can be used to overcome the real-life building challenges faced by our customers and partners.

By 2030, the Group strives to quadruple current volumes of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste and to transform waste materials into 80 million tons per year of new resources. Through partnerships and projects such as this, we’ll remain a forerunner in the responsible use of the today’s resources to build a better future.


Spotlight on aggneo™ recycled aggregates products, services and solutions for a circular economy

Our aggneo™ offer includes a range of high quality aggregates processed from recycled concrete as well as services and solutions to help you meet the challenges of construction and demolition within a circular economy. Employing an unparalleled network of sites in France, aggneo™ includes solutions for waste management, transport and logistics, traceability and quality control, treatment and recycling - everything necessary to pioneer more sustainable construction techniques. Plus, aggneo™ guarantees the highest standards of consistency, reliability and performance. Is it time to learn more about our aggregates solutions?