Bringing medical care to remote communities

23 May 2019

About our long term program in El Salvador

Bringing medical care to remote communities - Picture 1

Holcim El Salvador launched a community health program in 1994 to improve communities’ access to medical care and support the prevention of diseases. The Cessa Foundation was initiated with the establishment of a community clinic located 500 meters from El Ronco Cement Plant. From inception, Holcim has provided the facilities, medical staff and equipment, while the Ministry of Health provides free medicine. In 2006, to expand the reach of the program, a mobile clinic in the form of an ambulance was added in partnership with the Ministry of Health. Since then, the community clinic opens three days a week, while the mobile clinic travels to nearby communities on the other two days.


Benefitting over 8,000 residents in 32 communities

Over the course of the years, Holcim’s Cessa Foundation has added more health initiatives: it launched a permanent awareness campaign against dengue fever, zika and chikungunya, a school health program and specialized health days and formed six health and safety committees to develop a preventive health program. Holcim El Salvador’s healthcare program currently benefits over 8,000 residents in 32 communities. Every year, the clinic offers more than 6,000 free consultations, and at least eight specialized health days are carried out. Furthermore, the school health program monitors the physical development of students (size, weight, nutrition, health status, etc.) etc.) in 13 education centers.


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