Circa Art Gallery

10 October 2013

As a result of its ambition to collaborate with the world of architecture and align itself with reflection on urbanization on the fringes of the commercial sector, the Group wants to offer new solutions for construction with a reduced ecological footprint and an enlarged social role. This is the key challenge in its partnership approach with the world of architecture.


An Agilia® completed project

The Circa art gallery in Johannesburg cleverly combines concrete and steel in the form of an ellipse giving the building an unique architectural character. Its 600m² surface spreads over 3 levels housing exhibitions, events, and lectures throughout the year.

The collaboration with Lafarge made it possible to optimize the association of the 2 materials. Agilia® self-placing concrete proved to adapt easily to the complex architectural and structural design of the building. Agilia® was used in particular to embed the walls of the building. The advantage of using this vibration-free concrete is that it avoided damaging the steel shutters of the façade.

Architect: Pierre Swanepoel