Connecting communities in the Himalayas

7 March 2019

Our Indian affiliate ACC overcame the unique logistical challenges of building in the Himalayas to deliver 138,000 tonnes of cement for a 9 kilometer-long tunnel.


Some unique logistical challenges are involved when building a tunnel through the Himalayas.

“Working conditions are surely not easy,” observes Sunil Tyagi, Project Manager for STRABAG AG – Afcons JV, lead contractor on the Rohtang Tunnel project.

The tunnel, which is nine kilometers long and situated at 3,000 meters above sea level, will be the longest in the world at this altitude. Our Indian affiliate ACC has delivered 138,000 tonnes of cement to help complete it. “ACC has been a trusted partner since the start in 2010,” continued Tyagi. “Team ACC has been performing reliably and safely, navigating through snowfall, avalanche and washed away roads.”


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The project advanced through agile, opportunistic activity when conditions allowed for safe delivery.

The tunnel is expected to open at the end of 2019. It will substantially improve living conditions for people who had previously been isolated from the rest of the country whenever snowfall blocked access. The Rohtang Tunnel will promote economic progress for the region.