Dry mortars for a new architecture reference in Spain

26 August 2019

We are proud to support the new Quirónsalud hospital with our products and expertise.


We are proud to have supported the building of the new Quirónsalud hospital in Córdoba, Spain, which is perfectly integrated with the surrounding area as well as the city’s dynamic history. More than 100 tonnes of dry mortar – as well as prefabricated latticework made from our materials – have gone into this showcase structure that combines beauty and functionality.




We provided 48 tons of Tector Cola Flex, a flexible dry-mortar product used as basis for the panels that host the porcelain tiles inside the building. The quality of our product helps to better absorb the vibrations in a space where the opening and closing of doors is very frequent.




We also provided 65 tons of white water-repellent fine plaster and 25 tons of gray fine-projection mortar, two products used for both interior and exterior exposed applications, and prefabricated latticework made from our materials.