A Ductal® web for a seniors' home

4 April 2012

The façade of a seniors' care facility ("EHPAD") in Paris's 9th arrondissement, dating from 1935, is entirely restructured and decorated with a unique exterior "web" made from Ductal® ultra-high performance concrete.


Created by architects Philippon-Kalt, the 22m high web covers a surface area of 1,000m² and resembles huge bamboo stems swaying the wind. Ductility, longevity and strength were key advantages in completing this project. Ductal's superior properties allowed the design and installation of a thin, self-supporting lattice system - mounted on the ground and connected to the interior façade. As well, Ductal's high moldability and aesthetic qualities made it possible to fulfill the architect's desire for a latticework façade with an ultra-smooth surface finish.

An added benefit is that the web covers continuous external passageways on every floor, allowing direct access to each bedroom; a safety requirement imposed by the fire department.