France: Térénez Bridge, the story of a world premiere

9 October 2013

Using cutting-edge technology to build aesthetic and durable constructions, it's the dream of every architect. In Brittany, this dream has become a reality thanks to LafargeHolcim concretes: they helped to give birth to the majestic Térénez Bridge, the first curved cable-stayed bridge in the world!


Térénez Bridge, in Brittany, is a bright and delicate sculpture in the heart of Crozon peninsula, as if suspended in midair, and crossed daily by local residents and visitors. But the Térénez Bridge is not only an architectural masterpiece: it is also a technological prowess.

A work of art that lasts longer with LafargeHolcim concretes

To build this bridge, the first cable-stayed bridge in the world with a record curve span of 285 meters without support between the two river banks, the concrete was required to resist:

  • the permanent moisture of the Aulne rive banks
  • and the cracking phenomenon, which had severely damaged the previous bridge.

This is where LafargeHolcim intervened, offering a twofold solution:

  • Chronolia®, our quick-setting concrete which develops high mechanical resistance soon after pouring, for the deck and pylons.
  • A slower setting concrete for building foundations and piles.

The new Térénez Bridge is the only crossing point between Brest and the Crozon peninsula. More beautiful and stronger, it is now equipped to connect beautifully the cities of the region and its inhabitants for a long time!

France, Térénez Bridge