Helping keep Paris grand

7 March 2019

Continuing our 100-year history of supplying aggregates and concrete to the French market, our teams will contribute to the realization of the Grand Paris Express, the largest French construction project of the century.


For more than one-hundred years we have supplied aggregates and concrete to the French market. When planning began for the Grand Paris Express (GPE) – France’s largest construction project of the century – we were eager to share our expertise and solutions.

The GPE is the largest transport infrastructure project in Europe. It represents an investment of about EUR 38.5 billion. Our building materials and sustainable solutions are helping to make sure the GPE is environmentally friendly and in line with the Universal Climate Agreement signed at COP21.

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To help realize the GPE’s anticipated 200 kilometers of new railway and 68 new rail stations, we have already agreed to deliver 600,000 tonnes of aggregates and 260,000 tonnes of cement to produce 650,000m³ of ready-mix concrete through 2022, with the goal of working on the GPE over the next 15 years.

Aggregates come from our nearby quarries in the Seine valley. These are delivered by barge, which is a more environmentally friendly method than by road (two barges can handle the load of 220 trucks). Most of the earth excavated from the GPE tunnels and stations will be removed the same way – in total the GPE is expected to produce up to 40 million tonnes – travelling as far as Le Havre to re-landscape some of our quarries along the Seine.