LafargeHolcim through its local actor Hima Cement helps power a more sustainable Uganda

15 April 2019

Hima Cement Ltd, Ugandan subsidiary of LafargeHolcim, is proud to be the building materials partner for the ongoing construction of the Karuma Hydro-power Project. The project, begun in 2013, is being constructed by Chinese firm SinoHydro Corporation Ltd at an estimated cost of CHF 1.7 billion.


The project

Biomass is still the most important source of energy for the majority of the Ugandan population. About 90% of the total primary energy consumption is generated through biomass, including :

  • firewood (78.6%),
  • charcoal (5.6%),
  • crop residues (4.7%).

The Karuma Hydro-power Project, set on the Nile River in Uganda, will have an important impact on power generation in the country. The 600-megawatt plant will be the largest power-generating installation in the country when completed, and a durable source of renewable clean energy. It is hoped that the project will reduce end-user electricity tariffs, as Uganda currently has the highest power tariffs in East Africa.


intake section at karuma hpp
The intake section at Karuma HPP

Your challenge, our solution

Since 2016, Hima Cement Ltd has been one of two cement suppliers working on the project, responding to the SinoHydro Corporation’s need for a more workable concrete.

Hima Cement has provided a finer cement that maintains its early strength while requiring a lower water content. Over 114,000 tonnes of Powermax CEM II A-P 42.5N have been supplied to the project, chosen for its low heat requirements for hydration and its pozzolanic content which results in long-term durability. Delivery of this product has required a dedicated fleet of 60 bulk cement trucks when cement demand for the project was at its peak.


underground tunnels 1
Underground tunnels at Karuma HPP


The finish date for the project is December 2019, but its benefits are already being felt in the region, as the project has helped to spur economic transformation in the surrounding area.


hima truck delivering cement to karuma hpp
Hima cement truck delivering cement to Karuma HPP