LafargeHolcim concrete for the new Philharmonie de Paris building

14 January 2015

To the delight of musicians and music lovers around the world, the Philharmonie de Paris is expanding to include a new building designed by architect Jean Nouvel. LafargeHolcim concretes are a key element in this new temple to music, contributing to make Paris a more beautiful city, both to look at and to listen to!


Music for everyone

The Philharmonie de Paris’s new building stands in the Parc de la Villette in eastern Paris. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, this unique project is now an unmissable landmark on the eastern Parisian skyline, due to:

  • its scale – with a surface area of more than 20,000 m2 and measuring 52 m high, almost twice as high as the average Parisian building;
  • its inspired roof, offering a panoramic view over the whole of Paris and covered in aluminum birds, the structure’s architectural signature;
  • its curtain wall, which rises above the building, announcing concert programs in lights.

This new Parisian temple to music not only represents an enlargement of one of the key cultural elements in Paris’s international cultural influence, but also the creation of a real living space, designed to bring together a diverse audience. Artists, music lovers and the uninitiated now have a brand-new space housing concert halls, rehearsal rooms and exhibition areas, as well as private rooms and catering spaces.

Customized LafargeHolcim concretes from the foundations to the balconies

Our concrete's versatility has enabled it to tackle the technical, aesthetic and acoustic challenges of this unusual project. We supplied almost 50 different formulations to deliver the 50,000 m3 of concrete required for the construction of the new Philharmonie. Our LafargeHolcim concrete solutions were used for:

  • the double wall of the Grande Salle, whose concrete insulates the room against noise from the busy Paris ring-road outside;
  • the beams of the long, suspended balconies of the upper level, with our Agilia® self-placing and self-leveling concrete, which surrounds the listener in music;
  • finally, the access roads, created using our fast-setting Chronolia® concrete as well as our Artevia® Roche and Relief decorative concretes, chosen for their aesthetics.

The geographical proximity of our Pantin plant, less than 350m from the worksite, also played a significant role in finalizing the project!

Music maestro!

The new Paris Philharmonic building was opened on January 14, 2015, with an Opening Gala attended by a number of leading French classical music performers.

inside paris philharmonic concert hall, grand salle