LafargeHolcim crossing rivers on the Ada bridge in Belgrade

9 August 2013

Forever changing the skyline of Belgrade, the Ada bridge stands tall over the river Sava as the new landmark of the capital of the Republic of Serbia. Thanks to LafargeHolcim's adjusted cement, the largest single pylon suspension bridge in the world helps absorb the daily traffic and eases the connection between New Belgrade and the old historical city center!


Stretching its 200 m-high pylon and 367 m span between New Belgrade and the historical part of the city, the Ada bridge is like no other in town nor in the country. It is the highest in Serbia and even the largest single pylon suspension bridge in the world!

But the inhabitants of Belgrade do not forget that, beyond its record-breaking features, the Ada bridge contributes to make their daily life a little easier. Since its opening in New Year's Eve 2012, the time of gridlocks is over: driving from the city center toward New Belgrade is now at least 30 minutes faster, thanks to the bridge's 6 road traffic lanes, 2 lanes for city light rail as well as pedestrian and bicycle paths! And as the centrepiece of the city's new Inner City Semi-Ring Road, the Ada bridge reduces the traffic across other Sava river bridges in Belgrade by about 40 %.

Our cement for a greener and better connected city

Our teams were no strangers to this major achievement! We managed to solve the issue faced by concrete suppliers (water coming up the surface) by delivering an adjusted cement to the worksite. After responding to this key customer requests, LafargeHolcim in Serbia has become the only supplier of the 30,000 tons of cement required for the project!

As a result, Belgrade is now a better connected city. But it is also greener! Thanks to the Ada bridge, cars and other vehicles run 100.000 kilometers less every day, saving up to 11 tons of petrol!

Ada bridge, Belgrade, Serbia