Paving the road for better mobility in the US

7 March 2019

Improving transport links, while limiting disruption to inhabitants? Sounds like a job for our affiliate in the US, Aggregate Industries, the Nevada Department of Transportation's trusted partner on multiple road contracts.


In the summer of 2018 Aggregate Industries won the bid to improve 28 miles of State Route 160, a contract worth nearly USD 60 million, as well as a contract for two other roads northwest of Las Vegas.

“We needed a partner we could trust to work in mountainous terrain and in a confined space,” says Don Christiansen, Resident Engineer with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). “And at the same time, they had to do all this while minimizing disruption for nearby homeowners.”

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The key to success? A long track record of partnership with the NDOT, as well as the proven capacity and expertise to take on big projects.

The project will make the roads a safer and more sustainable feature in the community’s life. State Route 160 will be widened to create more travel lanes and a raised median barrier will be added. The side slopes will be flattened to make it safer for motorists to pull over. Plans also include a wildlife undercrossing.