Sustainable concrete for Belgrade beltway

17 December 2019

Belgrade beltway is one of Serbia's biggest projects. The 70 km bypass will present the central infrastructure highway network with direct access to Hungarian, Bulgarian, Northern Macedonian and Croatian borders. The project will ease Belgrade’s notorious traffic congestion, reduce air pollution and improve traffic safety.


The cement comes from Beocin, the oldest cement plant in the Balkans founded in 1839. Beocin is no stranger to supplying innovative products and help build iconic projects in the Balkans. This plant provided sustainable cement that contains the maximum Additional Saturation Index (ASX), which represents the percentage of mineral components that can decrease that of clinker, the most carbon-intensive component of cement.

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Lafarge signed the contract for 120.000 m3 of concrete supplied to build the last 20 kilometres. Concrete will be delivered from two of Lafarge's ready-mix plants. The Belgrade beltway project is valued at approximately EUR 207 million with the deadline for completion set in 36 months.

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