Telecommunications tower in Belgrade cemented to last

27 March 2014

What is the peculiarity of Avala telecommunications tower in Belgrade? Its tripod-shaped design which is unique in the world! Behind this achievement lies LafargeHolcim's cement, which was specifically developed to provide superior strength to concrete. Because a better connected city is also a city able to communicate!


Since its construction in 1965, the Avala tower is a symbol of pride in Serbia. Located on a hill in Belgrade, it is the tallest telecommunications tower in the country and the Balkans. It is also the only tower in the world to stand on legs forming an equilateral triangle!

Avala tower was completely destroyed during the conflict run in former Yugoslavia in 1999. Five years after its destruction, the Serbian television channel Radio Television Serbia, which had raised nearly 1 million euros through fundraising and donations, initiated the reconstruction of the tower.

The construction began in 2006 with the contribution of LafargeHolcim. Rebuilding exactly as before this 204 meters high tower (including 136 m of concrete) required the use of a special concrete, characterized by superior strength and light shade. We were able to respond to these constraints by developing a specific cement, with a unique formulation which had not been sold yet on the market at the time.

We provided 1,600 tons of cement used in the manufacturing of a high strength concrete responding to setting time and color requirements. All that was asked by concrete producers in charge of the project!