Traffic is more fluid and economy is boosted with Edmonton ring road

28 March 2014

Want to take a trip to Edmonton? LafargeHolcim takes you on a tour around the city! We have contributed to all phases of constructing the outer ring of Alberta region’s second city, located in western Canada - a city where connectivity is essential to a dynamic economy.


In Edmonton, a city of 800,000 inhabitants in western Canada, transportation is key to economic development. To establish the city and its region in the twenty-first century, the municipal authorities have launched a comprehensive plan for transport development. The objective is to improve traffic flow for all road users. A major infrastructure covered by this plan is the outer ring road of the city, with over 88,000 vehicles driving every day for the busiest sections during rush hour. The last stretch of the ring road -the construction of which started in 2012- will be completed in 2016.

A global offer which meets all of our LafargeHolcim's know-how

To complete the construction of ring road, LafargeHolcim was the only player in the market to offer both products and services, while bringing together expertise and local market knowledge. In the end, 27km of road paving will be built, as well as 46 bridge structures including 9 ramps, 8 railway crossings and 2 river crossings.

The circle has been closed, as they say!