More than 40 million km of roads have been built around the world. With a growing global population requiring further road infrastructure, it is vital to improve its carbon footprint. COPave, a lifecycle assessment software for roads, can help.


About COPave

From construction and maintenance phases through to use and end of life, CoPave compiles data that is then analyzed against an extensive set of parameters (pavement design, raw materials choice, transport distance, albedo etc.) to determine the overall climate impact of the road at each phase. Holcim understands that each project is different, and the best conditions to build and maintain them vary hugely from place to place. COPave helps road designers to make the most ecologically sustainable choices and thus optimize the carbon footprint of their project.


  • Make road projects more sustainable
  • Comprehensive, full life cycle analysis
  • BRE-certified software
  • Database updated yearly by a world leader in sustainability services