A more sustainable alternative to traditional burnt clay bricks, DURABRIC is a compressed earth stabilized block made of local earth, sand, cement and water. Affordable and aesthetic, DURABRIC also addresses the rapid deforestation faced by many developing countries as it does not require firing.

Through an innovative mix-design, Durabric does not need firing and thus addresses the causes of deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa. By providing training to local construction workers, it builds local capacity creating a positive social impact. This solution is available in Malawi and Ivory Coast.

The benefits

  • Strength and quality up to three times more compared to conventional burnt bricks
  • Sustainable, it saves on average 14 trees, reduces CO2 emissions tenfold and helps curb deforestation
  • Affordable, it can cut the cost of wall construction by 20% compared to a traditional brick wall
  • Easy to use, it can be made on site using locally-sourced materials and easily adapt to the construction needs